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India 2013/14 - Page 5

Konark is famous for it's ancient Sun Temple...

...and the Sun Temple is famous for it's huge holy wheels

Life sized elephant statues feature in many temples, here also in Konark's Sun Temple

In a strange variation to Australia's famous Foster's Beer in India you can buy Foster's mineral water. The logo describes 'from the famous Australian brand'.

Bhubaneshwar and my view from the hotel veranda

With 22 hours my longest ever train journey took my to one of India's other Mega-Cities: Chennai, formerly known as Madras, the capital of Tamil Nadu.

Just South of Chennai I found the old French enclave of Pondicherry, made famous by the best seller novel 'Life of Pi'. It was Christmas eve when I arrived and the entire town was lit up in celebration. This photo shows the Immaculate Conception Cathedral.

Lots and lots of houses had colourful Christmas murals painted on the pavement just outside their entrance (in Pondicherry)

And just outside Pondicherry's cathedral I found a Christmas Market.

Although there is no beach, Pondicherry is still beautifully located on the Indian Ocean. The seabreeze provides a welcome relief from the hot daytime temperatures while sipping on a 'Cold Coffee' (=Icecoffee) in one of the many French heritage cafes.

The times of queuing for train tickets and arguing with tuk-tuk drivers are finally over. In Pondicherry I bought this beautiful  year old Bajaj Pulsar, an Indian made 150ccm motorbike. It would be my companion for almost the entire remainder of the journey and would let me enjoy an unprecedented freedom in India.

Cave temples like this one in Mamalapura are a prominent feature on the tourism map of many parts of Southern India. Later on I would visit some truly spectacular ones.

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