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India 2013/14 - Page 7

The view from my hotel in Thrissur, Southern Kerala

My little motorbike posing in front of the mosque in Srinakapatna. This picture was taken on my first morning in Karnataka state. Karnataka would quickly become my favourite state to visit in India, for a combination of reasons. People in Karnataka are amazingly friendly and after meeting many shady characters across the country it was a relief to feel welcome here. Also the roads are of good quality for enjoying a ride on a motorbike. And there is so much to see and so much to do in Karnataka... 

Srinakapatna used to be a capital city some centuries ago. It's old glory can still be seen in the old fortress, now in ruins and overgrown.

The star attraction in Mysore is undoubtedly the huge Maharadja Palace. It perfectly reflects the wealth and glamour the traditional Maharadjas lived in.

And if the palace is already impressive by day, look at this photo, shot during the evening! 90000 lightbulbs switched on for an hour transform the palace into an awesome lightshow.

Mysore street scene

Nandi the bull, the vehicle of Shiva in a massive rock statue in Mysore

Another attraction easy to visit on a motorbike but almost impossible by public transport. This giant Jain statue is standin inside a Jain temple on top of quite a high hill. At the time I left my motorbike and all my belongings parked near a bakery store and the owner there promised to watch over my things. And he did while I was climbing up and down and enjoying the sightseeing. We later sat down for another hour or so having a friendly chat. I love these random events, supposedly short stops that turn into a couple of hours relaxed entertainment.

The temple complex in Belur

Detail of the excellent carvings found at the Belur temples

One of the reasons why I loved Karnataka so much was the excellent roads and beautiful views you get so often along the way. Surprisingly there is not much traffic here and the usual Indian traffic mayhem was completely missing.

The freedom that's provided by a motorbike is just priceless.

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