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India 2013/14 - Page 9

The inside of the impressive cave temples in Badami

Bijapur is an ancient fortified islamic city, boasting with history. Like this compound featuring a mausoleum and a mosque.

This is the largest dome structure in India - the Golgumbaz in Bijapur

Making new friends inside the Golgumbaz in Bijapur - it happens all over India that you are asked to have a photo taken, usually with a local family or a group of friends like these ones

One big family (Bijapur)

There are so many ruined islamic historical monuments in Bijapur - the town itself feels a bit like a museum. Which is surprising because Bijapur is not really on the tourist trail. And I only met 3 other tourists while I was there. And still there is so much to see...

Relaxing in a park in Bijapur - time for another photo with new friends

Just west of Bijapur I found this giant statue of Vishnu

People Mover

Another huge fort, the biggest one on this trip, awaited me in Bidar

Inside the Bidar Fort - although ruined the old monument was still well cared for

Bidar Fort

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