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India 2013/14 - Page 10

Better don't pick any flowers (in Bidar)

Right in the centre of Bidar is this ancient Islamaic school, a Madrassa

Bidar city snapshot

Bidar would be my last destination in the state of Karnataka. My holiday was now coming to an end and there was only a week left to reach my flight from Delhi back to Sydney. Delhi was still around 1000km away, impossible to cover that distance in that time in India. My usual daily reach was only around 200-300km on my bike and I still needed a few days to sell the motorbike. So I decided to make my way slowly to Aurangabad, another ancient city famous for the cave temples of Ellora and Ajanta. Aurangabad had a direct train connecting to Delhi in a 24 hour journey. This picture was taken in the state of Maharashtra, here they no longer translated road signs into English.

The small town of Jintur where I celebrated my birthday in an internet cafe. It sound pretty low key and it was indeed. But it was still a good day and between the internet cafe and the people running my little hotel I made some more good friends. This photo shows the centre if Jintur, taken from my hotel.

My final destination before returning to Delhi to fly home was Aurangabad. This picture was taken in Ellora. Ellora is a World Heritage site, featuring over 30 cave temples. The most impressive one not just simply a cave hew into the rock but actually an entire temple hewn out of the rock. the temple in this picture is one big carved rock together with the surrounding rock in the area. Nothing has been 'built', only rock has been removed to leave this beautiful temple standing.

Inside one of Ellora's cave temples

Another one of Ellora's cave temples

The small town of Dalatabad with it's huge fort on the mountain in the background. The fort is regarded as unconquerable and is therefore still fully intact.

Making new friends again in Daulatabad Fort

Although there are many unbelievable sights around the city, Aurangabad has not too much to see from a tourist point of view. This was my favourite, a small copy of the Taj Mahal, build by the Taj Mahal builders grandson for his mother.

Aurangabad was the last destination for me in India. I was able to sell my little motorbike here. Then the longest train journey of my life took me back to Delhi in just over 24 hours.

India has been a mixed bag of experiences. It offers impressive monuments taking you back to a colourful history. It offers much variety between natural highlights such as the Himalayas, huge cities such as Delhi and Kolkata, long stretches of beaches as in Puri and Konark and different mentalities of local people wherever you go. Other than expected it was not as easy as in other countries to connect to people in a meaningful way in India. Quite often it was hard to arrange things and dig through the bureaucracy and it's facilitators. It made India, out of all countries I have visited before, the hardest to travel independently, often to a degree of utter frustration. Nonetheless my India journey will remain an unforgettable one. And I thank everyone inside and outside of India who became part of this episode of my life and who made me feel welcome in their India.

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