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India 2013/14

Welcome to my India pages. My story of India is deeply connected with my story of the Philippines. Because it was the delay in my Philippine volunteer assignment that provided the opportunity to travel again. Bacj in November 2013 everything was ready to go, ready for me to start an Australian Volunteers for International Development (AVID) assignment in the Philippines. All was arranged, my job was put on hold, a new tennant was found for my apartment. The bags were packed. When disaster stroke the Philippines. Typhoon Yolanda devastated the country on a scale never seen before. So with short notice my assignment was postponed by almost 3 months. With no job and no place to live - well, what would I do?

For a long time I wanted to travel to India. The stories coming from there were twofold. Some very exciting. Other not so. But nonetheless they fascinated me. Travelling to a country as old as time, a country more than a billion people call home. A magical world of colour, incence and good food. I checked the internet for flights and by coincidence Air India had an introductory offer, $500 nonstop from Sydney to Delhi. Done. I would go to India. On the same day the visa application was handed in and the Lonely Planet was procured. The visa arrived 5 days later, the same day I booked the flight. Two days later I found myself on a plane bound for Delhi. My least prepared holiday ever...

The following web pages will show a collection of my favorite pictures from the India journey. And some short stories explaining.



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