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Preparing for a motorbike trip across Africa is not something you do routinely in your life. And as such I had and still have so many questions about pretty much everything. But the support I received during the preparation for the trip has been just tremendous. And it is this support that gives me the confidence to say 'yes', we do have a great chance to make this trip a success.

So this section of the website is just a simple way to say THANK YOU to all those people and companies helping me out answering my millions of questions and supporting me in preparation and execution of the trip.

  • First of all to Martin who is crazy enough to go on the trip with me.
  • Also thanks to my friends and fellow riders who spend some good times with me on the roads around Sydney. People who taught me lots about motorcycles and how to ride them properly. I would not be half as confident as I am without these rides and all the great advice! Also thanks to everyone helping me preparing for Africa, providing first hand experiences and letting me read the original travel diaries. I learned a lot from this and it sure gave me a few sleepless nights. Cheers to you all, you know who you are.
  • The friendly guys from the Sydney City store of the Motorcycle Accessories Supermarket (MCAS) had many a tough time with me too. And it was in this shop where we spent hours discussing touring gear, motorbike gear and all sorts of other gear. And it is pretty much this gear which transformed my average stock Suzuki DR650 into the awesome adventure touring bike she is now. So a huge thanks to the guys from MCAS, to Sam in particular for explaining everything to me, sourcing all the cool stuff and showing me how to take things apart and put them back together again! When it comes to getting your bike prepared for the big trip, believe me, there is no better place to go in Sydney than MCAS.
  • Another big thanks goes to SMEC, the company I work for. For giving me a year off and keeping my great job for me without trouble. It can't be easy for a company if employees are saying good bye for a year and so I really appreciate SMEC's support, for letting me go and still letting me be a part of the team.
  • A great source of advice and just invaluable for the preparation of my trip has been the online community at Horizonsunlimited.com. It is just amazing what wealth of information is out there and how easy every question about bikes and gear and touring finds it's answer here. If you are planning your own adventure tour check out the Horizonsunlimited forum and be prepared to spend many exciting hours reading while time flies by.

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