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About me

My life has always been determined to find two things: freedom and independence. Born in the late 70's in East Germany travelling the world was not more than a dream until Germany re-united in 1990 and the world was open. It was nonetheless a very powerful dream and as a kid I spent a lot of time over maps and photos, memorising flags and capital cities, the continent's biggest lakes, mountains and longest rivers and just dreaming about going to these amazing places one day. The continent with the most powerful attraction to me has been Australia, the reason for that I can't explain.


There was hardly any year without travelling for me since the 90's, first with my parents to destinations in Europe and Egypt, later with friends to North America, Southern Africa and, of course, Australia. Year after year these holidays became more and more unplanned, independent and spontaneous, gaining confidence in the knowledge that without planning things tend to work out better. The powerful feeling of freedom while on the road made these trips the most memorable experience of these years. I was hooked.

My life went in overdrive when in 2005 I moved to the place I kept dreaming about – Australia. I still can't explain my excitement about Down Under but once I got here I just couldn't stop smiling any more. Australia and my home city Sydney seem to emit an energy that keeps recharging my internal batteries. With this new energy I started living more than ever before, being able to feel free not just once a year on holidays. Australia provided me with the means to fully indulge in all the things I love, endless outdoors, opportunities to go walking, climbing, cycling, kayaking, exploring without limits; there are deserts, oceans, rainforests, mountains and cities as new playgrounds to grow up with and a great bunch of people who enjoy these things just as much. So it was an easy decision to join the team and in 2010 I became an Australian Citizen.

Also in 2010 I bought my first motorbike. Another step that changed my life. The motorbike proved to be the ultimate tool to experience freedom and to expand my playground far beyond the city limits. On my little 250cc dirt bike I could virtually go anywhere, on road, off road, National Parks, deserts, beaches. How good is that! It's been impossible to stop smiling since.


A further significant waypoint in my life was reached in early 2009 when I joined the NSW State Emergency Service as a volunteer. I was not only able to give back to the community at least a tiny bit of the huge support I was given after moving to Australia. But as part of the training I also learned vital skills for the life outdoors. Things like navigating, orienteering, rescue and self rescue, first aid and an awareness for safety in various environments are handy skills to have.

Evolving from all this will be the next big chapter: the motorbike trip through Australia and Africa to Germany. Having this trip ahead of me fills me with excitement and nervousness; like a strong 'lets go and do it' drive, a 'cannot wait to start' urge and at the same time a little sadness about leaving my friends and Sydney behind for a whole year. I do not know what will happen on this trip, its just too huge to grasp. But I know one thing for sure: it's gonna be good!

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