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It was time for a holiday again in 2015. I will be forever grateful for my work giving me another 3 months of leave so I could visit my girlfriend Yeng in the Philippines. And having so much time off would also be a great opportunity to go on our first overseas trip together.
Yeng has never been abroad so we had the whole world to choose from to find a nice first destination. An exciting destination, one that is different from both the Philippines and from Australia. A place that is not too expensive to fly to from Manila and not too expensive to spend some time in.
The country meeting these criteria the best was - Nepal! What do you know about Nepal before you go there? First thing that comes to mind, of course, is the Himalaya Ranges, the highest mountains in the world, covered by snow and ice all year round. And we wanted to see them. To be amongst those mountains.
Our three weeks holiday was roughly planned in three distinct parts. Around one week in and around Kathmandu to visit the historical places that centuries of  Buddhism and Hinduism left behind. Around one week in the Annapurna area hiking and experiencing the high altitudes and the awesomeness of some of the highest mountains on earth. And around one week in the South to explore the majestic Chitwan National Park with it's Rhinos, Elephants, Tigers and other spectacular wildlife.
And we did end up doing right that - although in slightly different order.

The following pages will show you our experience of Nepal in our 100 favourite photos.

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