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Papua New Guinea 2007
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Coming to the end of the Kokoda Track we expected the worst. But the township of Kokoda itself was not hit too hard by cyclone Guba. All roads to Kokoda were cut though, all of the more than 20 bridges washed away by the floods. The rebuilding of those will form a major challenge for a country like PNG. 

The implications for us in Kokoda were the following: there was no alcohol in town - not permitted during a state of emergency, there was no fresh food anywhere in town - only canned food being flown in by aid organisations, the town lost all connection to electricity or phone or internet, the only way out of Kokoda was a weekly Airlines PNG flight back to Port Moresby. Not too bad for us.

The end in sight - Kokoda airfield in the far distance

Spiders can get quite big

A village school

The end of the Track - welcome to Kokoda township

Looking back towards the mountains we came from

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