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Papua New Guinea 2007
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We took the only flight out of Kokoda that week and went back to Port Moresby with just over a week to spare before our flight back to Australia was due. There is not too much to do in Port Moresby so we booked another flight to Medang. Or 'beautiful Medang' as everyone says. Medang is a small town on the PNG North Coast, nicely placed on a bay full of little tropical islands in the warm South China Sea. From Medang we also went on a short road trip inland, into Goroka in the PNG Highlands. And all too soon it was time to return to Port Moresby and back to Australia again.

Kokoda and the Owen Stanley Range

Kokoda Airfield

Our plane to Port Moresby

On the road to Goroka

Off the coast of Medang

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