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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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Rio de Janeiro was the first station on my trip and the first time I ever set foot on the South American continent. Brazil was also the 'highlight' country, being the one where I intended to spend the most time. I stayed in the 'Rio Backpackers', a small but lovely hostel just a few blocks away from Copacabana beach. Small enough that in just no time everybody in the hostel knew everybody. The first day was a very packed day already. 

From quite some time ago back in Germany I made friends with one 'Carioca' (Rio citizen) who I was to meet again, this time in his home territory. Jorge is a traveler too and I met him in Germany on his epic Europe adventure. Later I will learn that this adventure trip was quite more adventurous then expected...


Copacabana Beach


Copacabana and Corcovado Hill with Christo Statue in the background


Copacabana Beach


Rio's beautiful hinterland 


City of Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado Hill


Rio from Corcovado just before sunset

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