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Paraty, Brazil
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Catching up with Jorge in Rio was one more proof how small the world can be! This story consists of 2 parts. Part one is my part: 

Being a traveler I've always been interested in traveler stories. One extraordinary one is the story of Peter Gloeckner and Axel Bruemmer, two German lads who did the unthinkable and cycled once around the world on their bicycles. It took them 5 years and after their return to Germany they toured the countries with their unbelievable slide show. Of course I went to that show when it was presented in Dresden and it cost me a few sleepless nights afterwards just dreaming about traveling. Peter and Axel got addicted to traveling the world too and one of their next adventures was to follow Marco Polo's track from Venice in Italy to China. I went to see that slide show too. Another slide show I could not miss was their journey back to Venice, just like Marco Polo in a Chinese Junk. It was a mission itself for Peter and Axel to find a suitable ship and turn it into a junk matching it's ancestors from Marco Polo's time, certainly a great adventure and an impressive slide show.

Part 2 of the story is Jorge's part. After setting off from Frankfurt last time we met Jorge also had quite extraordinary adventures in Europe. At one stage he traveled to Egypt where he met a group of other quite adventurous people. They just arrived from an epic journey with an historic ship from China... Apart from Peter Gloeckner and Axel Bruemmer Jorge met one more extraordinary person on board: Annika - the start of a great journey together. When the Junk's journey along Marco Polo's paths was accomplished and the ship had done some obligatory visits to harbour celebrations in a few European ports the plan was to sail across the Atlantic, keep the boat in (the relatively cheap harbour) Brazil, waiting for the next journey. As it happened Jorge and Annika were amongst the people taking care of the ship in Brazil.

Bringing the two parts of the story together means, I was invited to stay on board the legendary 'Kublai's Kahn II', the very same ship I knew from long time ago in the slide shows and my dreams after the slide shows! It was now anchored just off Paraty, an historic and beautiful coastal town between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.  

Jorge and Annika on the old cobble stone streets of Paraty

On board the Kublai's Khan II




Playing Ping Pong on board


Jorge the Ping Pong champion

Annika playing Ping Pong

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