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Sao Paolo, Brazil
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After my time with Annika and Jorge in Paraty the next destination should be Sao Paulo, Brazil's and South America's biggest city. Estimates say there are as many as 16 million people living there. But no one knows exactly.

When you arrive in Sao Paulo by bus all you can see is houses. Houses, high rise appartment blocks and concrete all the way to the horizone. In whatever direction you look at. It is indeed and amazing feeling to be in such a buzzing place. There are people everywhere, cars fill up every street, the metro is just packed with commuters going to or coming from work. And in best Brazilian manners everybody is smiling. As big as Sao Paulo is, it is still a good mood place. People chat with you when queuing for the metro ticket. Their best English skills mixed with my best Portuguese skills and we would have a funny conversation with lots of gestures. And always with a smile on the face.   

Sao Paulo, Cathedral

Sao Paulo centre


Even the biggest cities have Brazilian flair

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo's theatre

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