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Campo Grande, Brazil
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It is a 20 hours bus trip from Sao Paulo to Campo Grande, the capital of the Mato Grosso do Sul state. The city itself is big too (population 750000) but has not much to offer to tourists. But it's location makes it a perfect starting point for tours in the Pantanal Region.
Arriving in Campo Grande by bus I didn't have to walk far to meet people offering exactly that: the best ever tours into the Pantanal. I decided for a tour offering to get around in small groups and to stay in the Pantanal for 4 days starting the next day. So I had one day in Campo Grande, nothing much to do than to relax and enjoy the Brazilian lifestyle in a typical city without any spectacular beaches or sights. A great way to learn about the 'normal' life in Brazil.

Campo Grande

Public phone in Campo Grande

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