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Iguacu Falls, Brazil
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From all the natural wonders I could experience in South America the Iguacu Falls surely are the most impressive. It is a just amazing display of what happens if a slow flowing tropical river as wide as a large lake suddenly drops into a big hole. The 'hole' itself is U-shaped, the two long sides of the 'U' parallel to the river bank. The centreline of the 'U' marks the border between Brazil and Argentina, the arc of the U forms the border to Paraguay. Walking along the sides of the U takes almost one day each and means walking along mighty waterfalls all along, walking in tropical forest constantly surrounded by the mighty noise of falling water. The Brazilian side offers spectacular views from the bottom of the falls. There is also a timber pathway going to the most impressive section of the falls (the arc of the U) right into the river. 

The Iguacu Falls also marked the end of my journey through Brazil. Brazil, being the country which made me want to go to South America in the first place, always showed me its best sides. I met the friendliest people, it seems to be a society of constant celebration, in particular in the cities. I met Brazilian people who just kept smiling, they came from work smiling, they queued in traffic smiling, it is a society of happy people and a more than positive population. People in the cities did never rush. They started conversations with me and kept it up smiling, even if I did hardly understand a word and they knew it. Apart from the Favelas in the cities, Brazil seems to be in pretty good shape, roads and buildings are clean, people wear colorful dresses and public transport is reliable and clean.


The first glance at the falls, not knowing what else in impressive sights was still waiting.


Towards the end of the U-shape the sheer amount of dropping water creates higher and higher spray clouds


In Brazil you walk along the bottom line of the Falls


The spray creates beautiful rainbows in the sunlight

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