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Iguacu Falls, Argentina
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For the Argentinian side of the falls we did need another full day, there is just too much to discover. In Argentina you walk along the top of the falls, looking down into the spray clouds. You also walk along the long side of the U-shape for the whole day, the walk culminating at the end with standing right on the edge of the most impressive section of falling water. It's just an unbelievable amount of water dropping down so deep that you cant see the bottom. All you see is water falling into a massive spray cloud, visible from far away. Out of that cloud you hear the thundering noise, constant thunder, no pause. You get wet from the spray and still - you cant move, you have to watch.


On the way along the falls in Argentina.


The Falls are the highlight of the Iguacu National Park which stretches over the borders of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.


Towards the end of the U-shape the falls get more and more impressive.


Looking down into the mist shows you the perfect rainbows again.


Our team still unchanged from the Pantanal expedition.


The real 'natives' of the National Park


Monkeys playing in the trees


The arc of the U is the by far most impressive display.


An impressive welcome to Argentina indeed.

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