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Cordoba, Argentina
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After Iguacu our team from the Pantanal tour split up and I was the only one going to Cordoba. Cordoba as Argentina's second biggest city sounded very appealing to me. It's reputation as in contrast to Buenos Aires is to be a 'typical' Spanish colonial style city. And it is indeed full of old churches and cobble stone streets. But it is also a city full of shopping opportunities equal to Australia, the new I-Phone 3G? No problem. Latest Adidas Puma or Billabong fashion? Whatever you desire - it's all there.

The Cathedral.

You do feel that Cordoba was a Spanish colonial town.

Old style meets 60's style.

Yellow cabs are a world wide phenomenon.

The view from our 'Cordoba Backpackers' hostel - located just adjacent to one of the many churches.


Staying in small local hostels made me meet the most interesting people. Here Maartje from the Netherlands.


...or Suzi from New Zealand.

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