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Los Gigantes, Argentina
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Los Gigantes is the name of a mountain range just a 3 hours drive from Cordoba. We spent one whole day there climbing up to the top to enjoy the best view of our time in Argentina! Unfortunately later in Chile my camera 'disappeared' including all my photos since Cordoba. So the following pictures were kindly provided by Suzi.

Cordoba and Los Gigantes also marked my farewell point from Argentina. Compared to Brazil Argentina seemed to be a more serious mooded country, you dont see as many smiles and the cities look a bit less modern. In terms of products or infrastructure Argentina seems to be far ahead of Brazil though. You will find a wide range of mobile networks including 3rd generation UMTS, you will find flat screen TV's, designer gear and latest HiFi equipment in the stores. Argentina is also much more simple compared to the often rather complicated setups in Brazil, from public buses to fast food restaurants. And of course Argentina is the place of the greatest steaks you could possibly wish for!

Maartje, Suzi and me at the summit.

The Condor circling over Los Gigantes

Our team climbing from the 'Cordoba Backpackers'.

Yes, this is a snow man!

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