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Valparaiso, Chile
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Valparaiso and it's sister city Vinha del Mar mark another important point of my journey - it was there that I reached the Pacific Ocean again and therefore successfully crossed the South American continent. All the way from the Atlantic in Copacabana to the Pacific in Valparaiso.
Valparaiso is an amazing city, it is built in an area of steeply sloping hills. So parts of the city are on ocean level, others hundrets of meters above. Connected by 'Ascensores', super steep trains. In old bohemian tradition all houses are colorful, none similar to the other in shape or color.
It is also the place where my camera 'disappeared' which left me with only a few low quality photos from my mobile phone for the rest of the journey.


Mission accomplished - the Pacific Ocean.

Huge size of graffity (mind the car) in Vinha del Mar

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