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Santiago, Chile
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Santiago as the capital of Chile marked the last leg of my journey, from here I would fly back to Sydney. Santiago was the site of the Military Coup 1973 which ended in the death of elected president Salvador Allende and was the beginning of a 17 year military dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet. Walking through Santiago it still feels like the military has some influence in ruling the country, Police (in uniforms very similar to military) or military are present just everywhere, vehicles looking like tanks stand ready on many corners of the city. Apart from that Santiago is the most modern city I went to in South America. You find a very well maintained Metro system, high rise buildings with glass fassades, all western products you could get in Sydney too, it is a very clean city. The location is just stunning, you can always see the mighty white summits of the Andes in the background towering over Santiago. Also people seem to be addicted to showing their own flags, Chile flags are just everywhere, on every corner, on every building, petrol station or garage.

Palacio de la Moneda, the president's office and site of the bloody coup in 1973

Santiago is a modern clean city with lots of high rise buildings.


At the same time people are skiing in the Andes (in the background).

Streetscapes Santiago

The small brother of the Jesus Statue in Rio keeps looking down from many public places in South America.

Santiago traffic

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