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Arriving in Ivanhoe after more than 10 hours on the train left us stranded in another world. Knowing that the next train out of here would be in one week's time... The town prides itself with being the major centre in the area with even a paved (!) road linking it to Hay, another town more than 200km away. Ivanhoe's population is 350.

Welcome to Ivanhoe. Can you see the town in the background?

How ever small the town - there's always a pub.

On our arrival date we went straight to the pub to inquire about the conditions on the road down to Mungo NP. It was a bit worrying when Mick, the pub manager told us the weather forecast for the next few days. That time Ivanhoe would be the hottest place in NSW with clear skys and temperatures above 40 degrees. Since it would take us 2 days of absolutely uncivilised area to reach the Mungo NP we would need a lot of water to carry. Mick also said there would be almost no trees on that road. So our plan to ride only in the early morning and late afternoon and seek shelter in the shade of a tree during the hottest time of the day evaporated. Anyway, for the moment we had cold beer and discussed our plans with basically everybody in the pub (=3 patrons...).

The town's water supply, a tank filled up with bore water.

The local pub.

We still had a lot of time so we decided the next day to do a few 'test rides' around Ivanhoe to determine how we're getting on with our water need, with cycling in the heat, with the heavily loaded bikes on dirt roads etc. and we would stay in Ivanhoe for another night.

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