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We decided that the trip to the Mungo NP in these super hot conditions would be just too dangerous. There was no potential to carry more than 20 litres of water per person which meant there was no emergency water supply for us in case something would go wrong and required us to stay an extra day on the road. The fact that we had two flat tires withing just 25km on our testride proofed that there was potential for things to go wrong. We had 44 degrees temperature today again. Together with the people of Ivanhoe and their knowledge of the area we arranged an alternative travel plan to reduce the risk. It would take us along the unpaved road to Hillston first and from there we would follow paved roads all the way to the planned destination Wagga Wagga. Hillston is still 150km away from Ivanhoe but at least on a road with some traffic on it. In case of an emergency we could at least get help from the one car passing every 1 or 2 hours. Although today was 44 degrees the weather forecast predicted only 36 degrees for the next day. So we stayed another day in Ivanhoe, enjoying 'city life' with the benefits of the one local shop to buy cold chocolate milk, use the free pool and chat to Bec, the pool attendant girl who, in lieu of a life saver, basically watched an empty pool for 5 hours every day. Jane, the lady in the post office kept us up to date with the latest gossip in Ivanhoe and around town. The pub could get hold of a 2 day old Melbourne newspaper some truck driver left there and which would be the most current paper in town to give people something to talk about. It was a pleasant day and we felt almost sad to leave after spending two days in this friendly community. Jane from the Post Office offered us to stay overnight in her spare house (!) to have a good nights sleep before heading off. We also spend some time leisurely riding around town without all our baggage. The following images provide an impression of the immediate surroundings.

The road out West


This bush producing seeds with 3 long thorns on it would give us some trouble.

Kangaroo country

The West entrance to Ivanhoe

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