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Around Ivanhoe
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The road out North...

Abandoned service station

A whole lot of nothing.

...all the way to the horizon...

Previously a sheep...

Riding a bicycle in this area does give you an intense feeling of freedom. You look over your shoulder into a vast, empty, red space. The horizon you see is unbelievably far away and all the way there it's just flat red surface. You sweat in the incredible and dry heat and you know you are the only one person within the enormous circle of the far away horizon around you, you're the king. You stop riding and with you stops the buzzing sound of your tires on the road. The silence that follows is absolute, there's no wind, no engines, no motors, you can hear your own heartbeat.  You discover the red dust all over you, it makes you part of this land. In this moment you feel free, a pleasant loneliness, everything fully in your control. You dont want to sit up on your bike again but when you do, you notice that riding a bicycle in this area seems just the natural thing to do. You're not in an insulated capsule of modernity, no, you feel the dry heat on your skin, you smell the dust, you hear the occasional bird flying away from you, you see the area around you in absolute clarity. You dont just fly through on high speed, you do earn every kilometre with your own energy and you appreciate every single one of them. And you know, this is what you're here for.

...and the horizone is so far away...

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