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The conditions in Hillston were much more pleasant just for the fact that the Lachlan River flows through town. Suddenly there were green patches of gras and mighty gum trees and birds.

Dean on the Lachlan River

The river.

And there is vegetation growing!

Arriving on the Hillston Caravan Park we met a couple living the most interesting life. Being in their 50s and having spent all their life in a Western Australian small town they realised that it was time for a sea change. Their plan was to move to a small town somewhere else in Australia and enjoy the challenge of starting new in life. But where to go? In the Australian way of life it is essential to own a house instead of renting, even more so in small towns. So when they sell their home in Western Australia and buy a home in some other town, how would they know it's the right place to be? The chosen solution was to sell their house in WA and to buy a bus from the money. With the bus they could travel around in the search for the perfect place to settle down and it would provide a mobile home for the time being.
Travelling around searching proofed to be more exiting than settling down though. Earning money from the many year round available jobs in the inland, doing fruit picking, working in a post office, oparating fork lifts etc. provided plenty of dollars to transform the bus into a home. We were invited on a tour inside the bus and couldn't believe to see a living room with a filled book shelf and CD shelf and a sofa and a TV with DVD player and also a mini kitchen. The bedroom provided a big double bed. And the bathroom had shower and toilet. All fully airconditioned. The bus apparently is from the old times when buses were still made in Brisbane. It's body is entirely made of stainless steel and will last forever. With their little jobs all over the country they could also afford a trailer and a little blue four wheel drive to be flexible once the bus was parked, around town, for sightseeing or on unsealed roads.
They've been enjoying life in the bus for over 7 years now, never having problems to find a job and still narrowing down the list of the perfect places to settle down, sell the bus and buy a home.
Their journey transformed them into the most relaxed and happy people one can possibly imagine, fully in control of their life with a quest ahead and the sure knowledge to be on the best path to fulfill that quest. Only money spending towards their strict criteria that it must improve their lifestyle, all they need is half a years worth of simple jobs, working together with interesting young people and backpackers, together with the friendly folks of the outback to sustain themselves comfortably for a whole year.

A bus as travel-home and the little car for flexible everyday's use.

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