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Griffith is the biggest town in the Murrumbidgee River Irrigation Area. Irrigation here provides water for the many plantations growing oranges, lemons, wine, potatoes and even rice. For this reason Griffith is popular for backpackers from all over the world earning their money as fruit pickers.

Our camping area at Lake Wyangan

Griffith also provides free camping on Lake Wyangan. We learned that there is a whole network of free campgrounds in Australia. They provide simple facilities like toilets, showers, gas barbecues and are meant to attract people to stay overnight in that particular town. 
The night in Griffith started not too good though. We arrived at the camping area after dark since Dean has had his 5th flat tire on the tour due to our favourite outback bush and the in parts very rocky unpaved roads. We were first greeted by millions of mosquitoes to give us a hard time pitching our tents. A freshening breeze soon blow them away and gave us some relief. The wind increased in strength though and soon transformed the area into a huge red dust cloud, flattening our tents and blowing red dust everywhere. We soon learned that waterproof bike panniers are still not dust proof and I found red dust even on my camera inside the camera pouch and inside the closed bike pannier underneath a whole bunch of my clothes.

The morning after the dust storm.

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