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On the road again
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From Griffith our path to Wagga Wagga should take us through towns like Leeton, Narrandera and Grong Grong. The area around us changed from the plantations towards grain fields. We travelled through one or two towns per day, restocking food and water, camping somewhere and kept on going. There was no need any more to carry so much water so cycling was a lot easier.

Still a long way from home.

The Grong Grong Railway station

Grong Grong is a place inmidst the grain producing country. There are 150 people living there, the only trains passing through and stopping on this dead end arm of the railway system are private trains picking up the grain from massive silos next to the track. But still, Grong Grong provided all features of a typical Aussi outback town: a pub, a little shop, a public phone.

Grong Grong - who bothers if there is a tree growing on the main road!?!

Grain fields and a thunder storm far away at the horizon.

The road South East of Grong Grong

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