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Wagga Wagga
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Dean has a friend living in Wagga Wagga who conveniently for us is the son of a family owning the local caravan park. So we could stay in an air conditioned cabin for free and enjoy the luxury of being back in civilisation. Although the trains to Sydney were far from being booked out the fact that they can only carry 3 pieces of oversize luggage (=bicycles) at any one time left us being stuck in Wagga till the midnight train the next day. So we had one and a half days and one and a half nights in Wagga Wagga.

Wagga Wagga railway station

The main shopping street.

Sculpture in the main street.

Between Ivanhoe and Wagga Wagga we covered around 650km. We met the friendliest people and lived a life so different from the city, a life many people dont know it exists. New South Wales is the biggest state in Australia by population and still, most people only ever experienced the Pacific Coast. At the end we did not see the Mungo NP. Not yet. But we could appreciate a whole new picture of our home state which made the whole trip a great and memorable experience.

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