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The Kokoda Track
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The rainforest is an awesome experience by itself. It is full of life you can hear but can't see. Birds and crickets in particular will start their concert every day at sunset. The sounds resemble sirens and the three dimensional effect of having so many sources of sound around you gives you a feeling of being inmidst a vast space of nature. No human noise can be heard at all. There are fireflys, little bugs which fly through the forest as flashing lights. A little dot - light on, light off, light on... Multiply this by hundred and add the sounds of crickets, birds and the shine of a little campfire to the otherwise complete darkness and the tropical temperatures and humidity and you can imagine what a night in the rainforest is like.

The valleys are more of an open swampy rainforest

In the village gardens you finally find out how pineapples grow...

...and paw paws

Natural river crossings

Crossing rivers can be easy if you find one of those log crossings. All you need to do is to balance yourself and your 15+kg backpack along a shaky wet log over around 20m of fast flowing river.

Fridge without electricity

Local people in the villages often offer cold drinks to walkers. In little 'fridges; like the one above or just simply in bowls filled with cold riverwater soft drinks are sold. These softdrinks were carried for many many kilometers along the Kokoda Track by the villagers from shops in Port Moresby.

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