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new ireland

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Popondetta is the capital of the Oro province. It is connected to Kokoda by road. Sort of. Cyclone Guba destroyed more than 20 bridges along the way in late 2007. None of them was even started to be rebuilt. But: ramps were bulldozed up and down the banks of most of those rivers. So cars could go down, through the water and up the other side. Except one really big river. However, where there are roads there is public transport. Sort of. Public Motor Vehicles (=PMV) were existing in the great number of 4. Two of them were beyond repair. The other one had no driver. So there was one. You would call it a truck to move cargo in Australia. In PNG it's moving people.
Our driver finishing off a six pack of beer on the way

The passenger compartment PNG style

Who doesn't fit in has to hold on tight

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