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Still on the way to our destination Rabaul we left Silanga and took a PMV to Biala. From there we were lucky to got a ride to Ulamona by one of the shop owners from Biala in his private car. We just got off the car in Ulamona and were already found and taken care of. Herman, a scientist who works in the local volcano observatory invited us to have a look around and organised our overnight stay as well as our boat to Rabaul the next day.
So we learned a lot about Ulamona and the gigantic Mt Ulawun, PNG's highest active volcano. It's massive cone sits right at Ulamona's doorstep and emits a constant little smoke cloud. We learned about the job of a volcano observer and could see an oparating seismograph.

Climbing for Betelnuts

Black beach in Ulamona

Due to the active Mt Ulawun nearby the beach in Ulamona is black. Either black sand or black volcanic rocks.

Volcanic rocks on the beach

The seismograph...

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