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Kavieng and Nusa Island
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We spent the last few days relaxing on Nusa Island, enjoying the tropical climate and exploring the islands.


Old Japanese war relict from World War II

My last night in Nusa: celebrating a great trip at the Resort Bar

All to soon the holiday was over. I was the first one to depart, Martin had a few extra days before his flight went back to Germany. My flight from Kavieng to Port Moresby went early in the morning, check in at 4:30am. To make it on time I left Nusa Island the night before with the last boat intending to spend the night at the airport. Again I could experience amazing hospitality by being spontaneously invited to stay overnight in Kavieng with a group of people travelling on the same last boat from Nusa. It was a night of story telling, good beer and great company again, thanks to Martin, John, Simon and the others! I even got a lift in their truck early the next morning to the airport.

My company for the last night in Kavieng

After leaving Kavieng there was one last night to spend in Port Moresby to get on the flight back home to Australia the next day. It was 4 weeks of truly amazing holidays! Special thanks to Martin again - you are an awesome travel mate!!!


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